The BioPark in Albuquerque

The American RV park is close to the Albuquerque BioPark next to the Rio Grande River. Visitors take in a variety of fascinating exhibits of our waterways and the creatures that live there! Coral Reefs The Gulf of Mexico is home to the Flower Garden Banks. The reefs sit on top of salt domes near … Continued

Route 66 in Albuquerque

The key Albuquerque streets for Route 66 are Central Avenue and 4th Street. Central Avenue originally served as a trading route for Native Americans, a wagon trail and an electric streetcar route. Route 66 always ran through Albuquerque, initially north to south along what is today 4th Street. The route allowed people to migrate and … Continued

Six Fun Facts About Albuquerque

When you bring your RV to American RV Park, you will be staying in not only one of the premier RV parks in the area but one of the great American cities! Below are six facts about our town that you many find interesting and you can spring on your friends! Albuquerque emits a lot … Continued

Old Town Albuquerque

Founded in 1706, Old Town Albuquerque is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or a day after you park your RV at American RV Park. A Focal Point of Life The Historical Zone of the City of Albuquerque What’s interesting about these ten blocks is that the area strongly resembles the look of centuries … Continued

RVing on TV

If you are visiting American RV Park in New Mexico as an RVer, you might be a fan of the many TV shows touting the RV lifestyle. The popular The Great American Country Channel hosts three programs: Flippin’ RVs, Rock my RV with Bret Michaels and RV Nation. About American RV Park Visit American RV … Continued

American RV Park Gets Rated!

Welcome to American RV Resort’s blog and news! We are using our first post, to post some recent reviews about American RV Park: It was a great stop over for us…stayed a few days…sites are big…we have a 45 foot motorhome…she fit fine…lots of room for your slide outs…nice breakfast…lots of wind…but that’s the west…lots … Continued